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‘My hand was caught between my hip and another girl’s. She hit me really hard and it broke. That was painful,’ says Emmeline May, known in roller derby as May B Twisted. ‘I’ve also broken a rib and torn a knee ligament.’

Injuries are common in the full-contact sport of roller derby, in which two teams of women race each other around a track, trying to prevent the opposing team’s ‘jammer’ from passing them and earning points. That May, 35, suffers from benign hypermobility syndrome – which means her joints are easily dislocated – complicated her roller derby career, contributing to her decision to retire this year.

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The Sun, March 2013


AS blaring rock music fills the indoor sports arena, ten women dressed in tiny hotpants skate at breakneck speed around a track, their faces painted like warriors.

But despite the neon clothing and eye-liner, this is no roller disco.

These skaters are not dancing, they are engaged in serious competition — doing everything they can to smash each other out of the way.

This is the frantic, lively and often violent world of roller derby.

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Intro Magazine, January 2013


London Rollergirls and the European WFTDA Tournament 'Track Queens: Battle Royal'. Read the full article (in German) in the online version of the magazine here

The Positive, January 2013


As Britain nurses the hangover from London 2012, there has been some concern that the legacy of the Games is bypassing women. But there’s one almost exclusively female sport that is thriving and gaining momentum in the UK: roller derby.

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Geeked Magazine, November 2012



"Roller derby has been getting a hell of a lot of press here in the UK over the past couple of years. The Independent, Empire, Grazia, Woman's Fitness...Radio 4, not usually the bastion of the hip and now, took notice last year running interesting interviews with Rollergirls themselves in which they discuess the positive impact the sport has had on their lives..."

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Oh Comely, July 2012


"To me, Courtney Welch is a real-life superhero. By day she has a high-flying job in the City and is a devoted wife and mother, but at night she straps on her skates and becomes Bette Noir, a gum shield-wearing member of the Ultraviolent Femmes, one of London’s most successful roller derby teams. She is best known as the co-founder of London Rollergirls, the league that spearheaded the sport’s introduction to Britain."

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Daily Express, August 2010

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FOR me roller-skating evokes childhood memories of injuries incurred by encouraging my dog to drag me down the road while I stood tentatively on wheels. Let’s face it, skating is for children, right?

Wrong. Roller derby is a women- only competitive contact sport which originated in Texas and is becoming ever more popular, especially since the release of Drew Barrymore’s skating flick Whip It.

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