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London Brawling: LRG All-Stars

Photo (c) Derek Bremner

London Brawling is the London Rollergirls All-star (A) team.

The London Brawling squad is made up of 20 All-star skaters from our league. All league members are eligible for the travel team, and skaters are chosen based on skill level, league participation, and attendance. Each squad is chosen for a three-month period. London Brawling compete in interleague bouts in Europe and internationally, and represent the best of our current skaters.

Captain: Kitty Decapitate
Vice Captain: Kamikaze Kitten and Stefanie Mainey

Frightning Bolt
Grievous Bodily Charm
Hell Vetica Black
Jen Sykes
Juke Boxx
Kamikaze Kitten
Kitty Decapitate
Lexi Lightspeed
Lady GoGo
Lorrae Evans
Olivia Coupe
Raw Heidi
ReLisa Kracken
Rogue Runner
Sarah Oates
Shaolynn Scarlett
Stefanie Mainey
Total Freyhem
Ylva Arnberg

Bench Team: Ballistic Whistle, Robert de Hero