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Bout Recaps

Anarchy III - Sunday

London Brawl Saints v Auld Reekie Rollergirls

Buoyed after taking the scalp of Berlin on Saturday, Auld Reekie took to the track looking to take down a fresh Brawl Saints team.

ARRG got off to a good start, showing good clock management to split a power jam over two separate jams with Admiral Attackbar picking up five and Lilo & Stitches a further 15. They then traded points with the Saints and ARRG took a 19 point lead into jam 6.

At this stage London’s pack began to assert itself, in particular Sarah Oates who was positioning herself well before landing crucial hits as Ruby Rehab picked up 10 points. The next two jams saw London pick up four points both times, first through Lola Vulkano and then Rebelle de Jour, after yet more good work by Sarah Oates. More solid defensive work, this time from Total Freyhem, and a smooth inside pass from Rebelle de Jour saw London tie the scores at 44-44 after jam 16.

A vocal section of away supporters cheered on the Edinburgh skaters who responded well. First Lilo & Stitch gave Auld Reekie the lead and then good blocking by Mini Riot freed Admiral Attackbar for a 9 point power jam. The team looked full of confidence and took advantage of two more power jams to go in at half time with the scores London 67 Auld Reekie 92.

Brawl Saints were favourites going into this bout, especially given the effort Edinburgh had expended the day before and so the half time score line came as bit of a shock. It was however no more than ARRG deserved after a first half characterised by a real togetherness and working as a unit, as opposed to any stand out individuals. London, in comparison, needed to up their game.

The Brawl Saints responded with jammers Fox Sake and Ruby Rehab, who each picked up a 20 point pass on an early second period power jam. The points difference was narrowing but ARRG would not relinquish the lead. Every time London got close, Auld Reekie found a way to surge ahead and as they went into jam 31, ARRG still had a 110-101 lead.

The effort unfortunately could not be sustained and London put their foot down in emphatic style. Beating Disorder skated a 15 point power jam to give London the lead and Ruby Rehab added another 20 more as ARRG could not stay out of the box.

With the gap widening, the Brawl Saints suddenly looked in imperious mood and there was no way back for Auld Reekie who tired down the stretch. Ruby Rehab continued to pile on the points after good work from her pack. First Lady Go-Go and then three jams later Missyle Elliott placed some perfectly timed hits that allowed Rehab to run up a score line that perhaps wasn’t reflective of the overall play of ARRG.

Final Score London Brawl Saints 187 v 140 Auld Reekie Rollergirls

Berlin Bombshells v Windy City Rollers

The final bout of the weekend saw both Berlin and Windy use the full extent of their travel squads in an unsanctioned bout. Berlin were looking for a better performance after Saturday’s loss to Auld Reekie whilst Windy had their eye on finishing the weekend and returning to America undefeated.

In truth this bout was never close as Windy took a 20 point lead in jam 3 and never looked back. With so much quality at their disposal they were able to field a deep jammer rotation – one that reached nine strong before the end of the bout and that took every opportunity to trouble the scoreboard. Jackie Daniels, Ying O’Fire and Ska Face all racked up the points whilst Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go patrolled the pack dishing out big hits to anyone in her path.

After 10 jams the score was 34-101 and could have been more if not for the defensive performance of Agent B Fatale who was impressive for Berlin in the opening period. Despite the punishing score line, Berlin were arguably performing better than their bout on Saturday: their packs were full of competitive intensity and Master Blaster was holding her own on the jam line as they raised their game to try and meet the challenge of the dominant US team.

Despite the effort from the Europeans, the superiority of Windy couldn’t be denied. Varla Vendetta posted 20 points on another clinical jam, followed by Killa Nois who picked up a further 19 points and the team from Chicago went in to half time with a 136 point lead at 52-188.

The result was pretty much decided but Berlin still had plenty to play for. These matches provide a rare opportunity to play a team so highly ranked; a chance to test yourself and your teammates to see where the opposition is strong and where you have room for improvement. For Windy it was an opportunity to flex their collective muscle in front of an appreciative crowd grateful to see such high level performers.

Ska Face and Ying O’ Fire started the second half with 31 points in two jams but Master Blaster responded with points for Berlin. The Berlin fans were in fine voice despite the score line and every Berlin jammer to take the line was greeted with cheers, applause and chants. This seemed to inspire those on the track and the Bear City women began to inch towards the hundred points total whilst Heavy Rotation traded blocks with Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go in the pack.

Jam 29 saw an injury to jammer Donner Doro which meant that Zoe Trocious had a full two minutes unopposed and managed nearly seven full passes for a huge 34 point haul. What little momentum Berlin had was all but extinguished by this jam but they could only admire the way Windy City continued to attack right till the end. Athenea DeCrime added another 40 points and Killa Nois another 29 as Ying O’Fire continued to be a double threat.

There was time for one more jam and the Bombshells found themselves with a power jam. The crowd roared them on as they picked up 14 points but when time ran out they were an agonising four points short of the century.

Final score Berlin Bombshells 96 v 420 Windy City Rollers


Anarchy III - Saturday

A rising tide lifts all boats” and as the sport continues to grow in the US - the quality ever increasing and the popularity growing – the waves are also being felt on this side of the Atlantic. Auld Reekie Rollergirls, Berlin Bombshells and hosts London Rollergirls provided some of the finest skaters in Europe as the water level rose that little bit higher thanks to the visit of the Windy City Rollers All-Stars, who, ranked as high as 6th in the world, came to England for the third instalment of the annual Anarchy event.

Anarchy has become the centrepiece of London’s home season, often providing an opportunity for teams to test themselves against higher ranked opponents. The bouts often provide a benchmark of how far teams have come and crucially, for these determined women, how far there is to go.

Relocated to the Guildford Spectrum, the bleacher-seated crowd were treated to four bouts over two days of highly competitive derby in which London wouldn’t be the only lower ranked team looking to raise their game against tough opposition.

Berlin Bombshells v Auld Reekie Rollergirls

Saturday’s double header kicked off with teams from Berlin & Edinburgh looking to make their mark on the weekend’s proceedings in a sanctioned bout that could see a serious shift in the rankings.

With that doubtless in mind, Auld Reekie came flying out of the blocks and after giving up four points in Jam 2 managed to hold the women from Bear City scoreless for seven consecutive jams. Using this as a platform, jammers Admiral Attackbar and Skinner Alive began to build up a lead for ARRG, a lead that was emphatically increased when good work from Crazy Legs set up a 25 point pass on Jam 9.

Finding themselves down by 42 the Bombshells needed to readjust and unsurprisingly a time out was called. Whatever was said in the huddle had the desired effect as a renewed teams took the track. Heavy Rotation began to dictate proceedings in the pack and Master Blaster & Resident Shevil started to pick up some more lead jammer opportunities.

Edinburgh weren’t about to lie down and they traded blows back and forth with Berlin on the back of an excellent jamming performance from Admiral Attackbar who was displaying power & speed and an ability to the read the pack ahead to pick the right line of attack. This kept Berlin at arm’s length until the very last jam of the half.

Part of their success in the opening period was that Auld Reekie had been relatively clean with their penalties and they went into the last jam 27 points ahead and without having given up a single power jam. A lot can chance in one jam and after a confused pivot line start Lilo & Stitches was sent to the box handing Master Blaster and opportunity she did not pass up. Hard skating from her and more excellent work from Heavy Rotation saw Berlin rack up 21 points to close the half only six points down at 56-62.

Despite still having the lead, that last jam before half time felt like a real blow for Auld Reekie. There was a sense that the momentum had been lost and the higher ranked team would take control in the second half. These fears seemed to be becoming reality as Berlin came out the stronger team and swiftly clawed back the point deficit and began to build a lead of their own as Master Blaster started to find her groove including some jammer on jammer action that resulted in a negative pass for Lilo & Stitches.

Auld Reekie were down but not out and just as a power jam for Berlin had swung momentum away from them, one for ARRG would see it swinging back. Resident Shevil hit the box and Admiral Attackbar posted 15 points for the third lead change of the game. The lead stayed precariously around 10 points until the final eight minutes of the bout when, with the crowd in good voice, the ARRG seized their chance of an upset and made sure that third change was the last.

Despite a solid defensive effort from Emmazon, great jamming from Lilo & Stitches saw Auld Reekie rack up 47 points in the last six jams as the bout slipped away from Berlin. Auld Reekie should be delighted be their performance that not only saw them pick up the win but tight defense from Crazylegs and Minnie Riot meant they also restricted their opponent to under 100 points.

Final score Berlin Bombshells 99 v 148 Auld Reekie Rollergirls

With one upset already witnessed the crowd was keen to see the home town team take on the might of Windy City. When their compatriots Montreal, Charm City and Steel City visited these shores for the first Anarchy tournament in 2011, London received a lot of plaudits for how well they performed but London never seemed like winning those bouts. Two years hard work and subsequent trips to the Eastern Region Playoffs later, there was a real hope that London have ceased punching above their weight and simply moved up in class.

London Brawling v Windy City Rollers

Roared on by the home team support London came out swinging. Great work by Stefanie Mainey punched a hole in the defensive line of Windy and Rogue Runner was through for a five point pass that quickly became 25 when it turned into a power jam.

The next three jams saw Juicy Lucy, Flamin’ Aggro & Kamikaze Kitten all get lead jammer before Rogue Runner again was presented with a power jam. A big hit from Shaolynn Scarlett aided Rogue in putting up another eight points. After only six jams Brawling had claimed lead jammer five times and raced to a 46-7 lead.

Two consecutive power jams helped the Chicagoans to settle and KonichiWOW dominated the pack whilst Jackie Daniels and Thievin' Tyler began to hit back and slowly shift the momentum. Brawling though were making them fight for every point. Kitty Decapitate singly handedly held the jammer back on a long trip down the back straight and Shaolynn Scarlett was taking no prisoners as she sent jammers and blockers alike out of bounds before recycling them back as far as she could. After jam 15 London were still holding their own as well as a nine point lead.

The pressure though was beginning to mount and so too were the number of penalties. Brawling weren’t necessarily getting more penalties than Windy, but they were getting them in bunches. Three people had hit the box in Jam 11 resulting in 25 points for Windy and when this happened again five jams later the lack of numbers would be even more ruthlessly exposed.

With Juicy Lucy being kept company in the box by half her pack, Ol' Drrrty Go-Go cleared the way and Athena De Crime posted a crushing 39 points for Windy’s first lead since jam 1. Both teams traded power jams in the final jam of the half and they went to the locker rooms with Chicago 114-93 up.

The first half was something of a slug fest. Two teams going toe to toe, trading blows. For every hit from Bork Bork Bork or Moby Nipps there was one in return from Stefanie Mainey or Olivia Coupe. It was a very physical, evenly matched contest with both teams playing so hard that the question at half time was: Could they keep it up after the break?

The answer was resoundingly yes. Athena De Crime immediately picked up another twelve points – she would go on to score nearly a third of her team’s points in only three jams. Down by 33 the competitiveness of the match was on a knife edge but London dug deep. They responded first with points from Kamikaze Kitten and then more from Rogue Runner after a big route-clearing block from Hell Vetica Black.

Much like the start of the first half, London had a spell where they took lead jammer five times in only six jams. The highlight of which saw Flamin’ Aggro burst through for a 23 point haul which saw Brawling regain the lead and then push it out to 145-134 after 24 jams.

With every inch being fought over it was no surprise to see the penalties continue and what followed was a series of power jams, the majority of which went to Windy City. Jammers Thievin' Tyler and in particular Killa Nois began to turn the screw for Chicago. Their pack was fantastic at getting in between the London skaters, keeping them divided and thus making them easier to contain. Chicago scored 47 with only 11 in reply from London and it could have been even more if it wasn’t for strong defensive work from Frightning Bolt and Grievous Bodily Charm to neutralize a power jam.

London was down by 25 points with time running out but once more they found the resolve to go again. A 14 point pass by Kamikaze Kitten and four more from Rogue and suddenly the gap was down to seven. The crowd was now at fever pitch as what had started as a hope of beating Windy now looked a very real possibility.

Yvette Yourmaker, dented those hopes with some calm, time eating jamming and then all hopes were lost when on the penultimate jam London attempted a star pass that backfired. The initial jammer was ruled out of bounds when the pass was made and the receiving skater also picked up a penalty, sending both to the box. Windy picked up eight points and finally closed out the bout 176 – 193. .

Final Score London Brawling 176 v 193 Windy City Rollers

If it were possible for a bout to end in a draw then this one probably deserved to. The roller derby tide may still flow from the west of the Atlantic but performances like this suggest the tide could be for turning. With a short American tour coming in June this eye-catching display would have had fans of teams in the Pacific Northwest doing their own ‘Revere’s ride’. Make no mistake, the British are coming.

Season 5 Round 2 – March 2nd 2013

Harbour Grudges 159 - Suffra Jets 180
Steam Rollers 125 – Ultraviolent Femmes 299

Round two saw the two losing teams from round one looking for their first win and the two victorious teams face off to lay down an early marker for the end of season championship bout. With fewer home events than last season, there is an added sense of importance to each bout day and that was ably reflected in another sell-out crowd eager to cheer on their team.


Season 5 Round 3 – April 6th 2013

Steam Rollers 160 - Harbour Grudges 147

Ultraviolent Femmes 169 - Suffra Jets 156

Round 3 saw the final two bouts of the round-robin stage of the intra-league season, with teams looking for vital wins to see them into next month’s championship decider. Both bouts would go down to the final jams as the competitiveness of the four squads continued to produce exciting derby. An added level of interest was also provided by the recent intake of skaters, giving many fans the first glimpse of the new recruits to the league.


Season 5 Bout 1 – January 26th 2013

Harbour Grudges 131 - Ultraviolent Femmes 245
Steam Rollers 181 – Suffra Jets 176

The 2013 season curtain raiser saw a sold out crowd treated to two intra-league bouts. The relocation back to a smaller venue did nothing to dampen the atmosphere as an excited crowd got their first look at the new line-ups that were heavily reshuffled in the off season. If the reshuffle was done to ensure competitive balance then London Rollergirls must have been as delighted as the crowd at what followed.